Welcome to the Amertis* website.

Amertis is a free* adventure game, with no shooting or violence. It just calls for your skills in logic* and observation*. Become the hero, Rodrigue Grandcœur, and get ready for a trip to dreamworlds in which you will meet a number of remarkable characters.

Amertis has been entirely created by a team of enthusiastic* amateurs*, so don’t expect a professionally made game with stunning videos or Spielberglike special effects.

Nevertheless, Amertis holds many secrets and surprises*… Will you manage to discover them all?

* Glossary:

Amateur: one who loves what he does and loves sharing what he loves.

Amertis: famous adventure game created in the 2010’s by a team of amateurs (see this word).

Enthusiastic amateur: type of completely crazy amateur, who knows nothing but dares everything, and who doesn’t stint on his time.

Free: quality of what is dear to our heart.

Logic: quality requiring a certain amount of observation (see this word) skills.

Observation: quality requiring a certain amount of logic (see this word) skills.

Rodrigue Grandcœur: a solicitor and a great guy, just a bit wacky sometimes.

Surprise: “Ain't that sweet?” (Amertis, Act II, Scene V)


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