Amertis would never have reached its fullness of perfection (ahem… ahem…) without the contribution of many other talented people. They all have freely given their time for this project — sometimes with a very encouraging enthusiasm.

They kindly lent us their voice, or rather their voices, since they often played several characters :

Major roles:

Pétronille is interpreted by Floriane Potiez.

Rodrigue Grandcœur is interpreted by Olivier Delgutte.


Other roles:

Eric Bleuzé is the Dwarf in the corral, the Dwarf in the orchard and one of the Grey Dwarves.

Elisabeth Blicq is the wife of the Dwarf Chief.

Caroline Bonnet plays Elisabeth, who is still Rodrigue’s secretary, as well as the Robot-Player and the Dwarf Healer.

Christophe Bonnet is one of the Grey Dwarves, the Dwarf Chief and Blue Cloud, the Hopi Chief.

Marika Brand is the flower-girl, in the Dwarves World.

Jean-Jacques Commien is one of the Grey Dwarves, the vegetable garden Dwarf and Old Moon, the Sioux witch doctor.

Fanny Delgutte is Patty the Sportsgirl.

Francette Delgutte is the Hopi squaw.

Guillaume Delgutte is one of the Grey Dwarves and Agile Owl, the Sioux Chief.

Marion Delgutte is Baya the Swimmer and Shy Candy.

Olivier Delgutte plays all the robots, apart from the Robot-Player.

Richard Fontes is the Sioux Poacher.

Robin Fontes is the Papoose and the Dwarf Kid.

Magali Kolinski is Maeva, the Bimbo Egghead.

Floriane Potiez is Carry the Sex Bomb and Bird-Brained Maya 

Fanny Uyttebroeck is Nasty Debby.

Martin Uyttebroeck is the Dragon.


Ooops! I almost forgot! The Sioux Warriors guarding the camp were played by Eric Bleuzé, Eric Bleuzé and… Eric Bleuzé.

And as always, Caroline has managed to get one of her dogs in the cast of actors: Pastille does the Dragon’s growls.


Great big thanks also to:

 - Christine Lemarié and Vincent Blondel  who play (graphically) the main characters in this story,

 - Mike McManaway (http://tantrix.com), who kindly authorised us to use his Tantrix©,

 - Macc, from Iparigrafika Studios, who puts freely at the disposal of programmers his superb code to make the pages of a book turn,

 - the BnF which authorised us to use reproductions of its medieval illuminations for the fabulous animals puzzle,

 - Aventuria who designed the « paths » grid,

 - Griddlers.net and IndigoPuzzles, which gave us the inspiration for two other little games in the Robots World,

 - and, finally, the whole “Rhemystes” gang: Babouchka, Mika, Gen, Lee Sterick, Godfriaux, Axolotl and Benleg, our crack team of testers, whose eagle eyes have mercilessly tracked down even the tiniest bug.


The game was adapted, transposed and translated into English by Patrick Dusoulier.


The gradual walkthrough is the work of the Rhemystes, particularly Mika’s.

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