The COLYBY* Team

C as in… Caroline 

Caroline Bonnet, a.k.a. Grelot04.
After I retired from my career as a veterinary, I developed a passion for adventure games.
I was a member of the AAC website from day one, and that’s where I found many friends to share my passion with. Thanks to them, and also for them, I started creating “gift-games”.
I knew nothing about computers or programming. It is to create Atlantzone, and later Amertis, that I learnt how to use computer graphics software.

O as in… Olivier

I was meant to be an engineer, but when I reached the age of 25, I decided to move on to more serious stuff, and turned to music. I learnt jazz piano all by myself… and then studied harmony at the Conservatoire de Lille.
I founded the Grand Angle jazz band, but for the past few years, I have mostly worked as pianist and composer of the Autobus à Vapeur [The Steam Bus], the famous group who plays songs for kids who really swing! I also compose music for the theatre. Amertis is my first experience in videogame music.

L as in… Ludo  

My name is Ludovic, I’m 44 years old, married, and I live near Lille (in the North of France).
I work for the railroad industry in an engineering and design department.
I have discovered 3D programming with PovRay, on my first Amiga. I moved on to Lightwave when I saw the TV series “Babylon 5”.
I then discovered Bryce, and now Vue d’Esprit. UltraFractal is also one of my favourite pieces of software.

Y as in… Yaz

Initially involved in the world of Science, it’s been many years since I’ve turned to the Arts, and more specifically music. After my studies in the Musicology University and the Conservatoire de Bordeaux, I graduated to become in my turn a music teacher. I then worked in this capacity at the Conservatoire of Music in Montigny le Bretonneux, For the past two years, I have been a private teacher of piano, music theory, harmony and counterpoint in Bordeaux. Some of my musical creations have been played in concert in the region of Bordeaux. Also, being a computer fan, I have used this tool to exercise my creativity in the graphic department as well as the musical one. My experience in computer graphics gave me the opportunity to participate in the “Amertis” project. For more information about who I am, feel free to take a look at my personal website (permanently under construction).

B as in… Babouchka


Catherine Feuillet, a.k.a. Babouchka, retired dilettante who loves beautiful stories that end well.

Y as in… Yves

Yves Robin. Website developer in a graphists group (“Le jardin graphique”) based in Brittany, near Rennes, for the past 25 years.
My spare time is divided between bicycle trips, amateur theatre, slotcar racing, and of course adventure games!
My deepest regret is… that life is too short!

* COLYBY : in French, this sounds almost like COLIBRI, the word for "humming-bird"... This is why you can see that little bird flying across your screen when you launch the game !

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