Although this game was designed by the creators of Atlantzone, and the player will again play the part of Rodrigue Grandcœur, the hero of the first adventure, Amertis cannot be considered as its sequel.
Unless you consider DreamFall as a sequel of The Longest Journey

Indeed, those of you who enjoyed the quaint charm of the photographic settings in Atlantzone may be taken aback by the Amertis graphics which include a large amount of 3D. To soften the shock, and make them feel more comfortable, we have made sure the story begins in the “real” world, that is to say with photographs. But after that, fasten your seatbelt, you're in for a great new adventure!
And as you will see, very soon, the game stops being linear. Of course, some actions will still be required before you can progress or get to do something else, but you will have much more freedom of movement than in our previous game.

Still, no panic! Since the scenario was written by the same team who did Atlantzone, the players will again find a classic game construction: an introduction to set the scene, four worlds to visit and unfold the tale, and an epilogue with multiple endings so that you can have the last word(s) of the story.
As for the interface, it is the same as in the previous game: point and click, point and click, and then… point and click, with just a little more “hands” to make it easier to know what you’re doing (take, turn, go forward, etc.)
Again, we have taken special care to include a variety of puzzles, always logical and consistent with the story or the place, with a fine balance between the “big-puzzles-to-rack-your-brain” and the “small-puzzles-to-relax-a-while”. As was the case for Atlantzone, the player had better take a pencil and a few sheets of paper, because while there are many clues, they’re not always precisely where they can be used. And some puzzles are not always as simple as they seem, so if you’re the impatient type… be warned!

Since, after all, a game is meant to be fun and not to give you severe headaches, you can always ask for help on the Forum (where only hints will be provided, don’t expect step-by-step solutions!) For those who are in a real hurry, a gradual walkthrough will (soon) be available.

Amertis is a long game with large files, and can’t be played on line. It has to be downloaded. Once this is done, you will be able to play it as many times as you want, just like a “real” game, and it runs on all platforms (PC Windows, Mac OS X or Linux).

So, no, Amertis is NOT the sequel of Atlantzone, but yes, it was cast in the same mould, and with the same ambition: that you may spend many happy hours solving this fantabulous adventure!


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