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  • Amertis en français :     boutonF.gif
  • Amertis in english :       bouton-anglais.gif

To install the game:


1°) Download the French or the English version of the game, as you like. It’s a 218 Mb file, so it may take “some time” depending on the speed of your Internet connection.


2°) Uncompress the downloaded .zip file. Check that all the files are gathered into a single folder named “Amertis”. All the sound files (that is, with a .mp3 extension) should be within a sub-folder named « sons », in the main « Amertis » folder. In principle, this should be automatic if you use the Winzip « Extract » command, but other unorthodox ways of uncompressing the zip file might lead to problems. In that case, just create this sub-folder and move the mp3 files in it.

You may put your « Amertis » folder anywhere you like on your hard disk, as long as you keep ALL the original files in it.


3°) To launch the game :

• Mac : launch the Amertis application contained in your Amertis folder (do NOT move it separately to your application folder!)

• PC-Windows : launch the Amertis.exe file in your Amertis folder.

• Linux : launch the index.html file using your favourite browser. Your browser should be up to date and use a Flash plug-in version 8 or above. WARNING : some versions of Flash Player may not work correctly for Amertis. If that’s the case, download the Flash Player version adapted to your configuration here .
But know also that since Amertis does not require a considerable amount of resources, it will work nicely with the free Windows emulator Wine. In that case, install the game using the procedure described for Windows users.


4°) Graphic configuration required: the screen should be set at 1024 X 768 minimum.

Platform : The game has been tested for XP, Vista and Windows 7. It will also run on any Mac OSX version.


5°) Once you have launched the game, check one last thing: right-click anywhere on the game screen. You will see a small menu. Choose “parameters”. Select the central icon (showing a folder with a green arrow). That’s how you determine how much space the program is allowed to store local data. Move the cursor to 1Mb, this will do the trick (otherwise, you might not have enough space to store your saved games, OK?)


6°) Well, that’s all. Enjoy the game!



Where are the Save files ?


Some players may want to know where to find the Amertis save files. There are 10 in all, and they’re named game1.sol, game2.sol, etc. You will find them with the following path:

  • MAC OS: Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/{random name}/localhost/game1.sol
  • PC-WINDOWS XP or 7: C:/Documents and Settings/[user name]/Application Data/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/{random name}/localhost/game1.sol
  • PC-WINDOWS Vista: C:/Utilisateurs/[user name]/AppData/Roaming/Macromedia/FlashPlayer/#SharedObjects/{random name}/localhost/game1.sol
  • PC-Linux: /home/[user name]/.macromedia/Flash_Player/#SharedObjects/{random name}/localhost/game1.sol

Depending on your precise configuration, and the language of your OS, the names may differ slightly, but those paths will give you a good idea. In any case, you can always find those Save files by searching on your hard disk with “game*.sol”, for instance.


Important information for Ccleaner (or similar cleaning software) users:

Your Amertis saved games may disappear if you clean out your cookies and temporary elements without taking some precautions.

To avoid this tragedy:

  1. - open Ccleaner (or a similar utility)
  2. - click “options” (at the bottom). Choose “Exclude” (on the left), then “Add a folder” (on the right)
  3. - point to the folder containing the Amertis save files. For instance, under Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/[user name]/Application Data/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/{random name}/localhost*.*

And that’s it! You’re safe… Ccleaner will ignore that folder when doing its big cleanup!


For users of Better privacy (a plug-in for Firefox), we can also exclude saved games file:

Tools > Extensions > Better Privacy / Preferences > Edit protection List > Enter/home/[user name]/.macromedia/Flash_Player/#SharedObjects/{random name}/localhost/

Then "Add", ok, and it should be good.


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