You are asked to read the following chart before participating.


This site is a site of information and services in French and English language.
The access to the site for the simple consultation is free and anonymous. The anonymous visitors can reach all the "public" forums.
The registration is made by the simple free creation of an account of member, you accept then conditions of use governed by the present document.

This site is subjected to French law.


We ask that you please:

  • Respect the subject treated in every forum.
  • Make a preliminary research before posting a subject already treated repeatedly.
  • Choose a title summarizing exactly the theme of the body of your message.
  • Respect the rules of courtesy and good conduct.
  • Not engage yourself to any fact which can be penally punished:
    • Taking on a pornographic, pedophile character or zoophile;
    • Threatening one or several persons;
    • Proposing or inciting to the IT hacking;
    • Turning out slanderous, defamatory, offensive, racist or inciting to the being;
    • Containing unconstitutional propaganda.
  • Respect the current laws, particularly regarding counterfeiting.
  • Express yourself in English.
  • Make a determined effort on the spelling so as to facilitate reading to other members.



The moderators of this site having chosen to rely on the members, moderation is a posteriori made.
Messages are thus posted directly, without preliminary intervention of the moderators or the administrators.
This allows to shorten response times in a problem posed and to fluidify the activity.

The moderators are diligent and conscientious members, chosen as their seriousness by the administrators of the site.

Is susceptible to be moved:

  • Any message not being in adequacy with the subject of the site.

Is susceptible to be erased without advance notice:

  • Any message not being in adequacy with the subject of the site.
  • Any message not respecting the previously expressed clauses.

The users have the possibility of asking for moderation of a subject or a message by sending a private message containing the URL address of the message in question to the moderators or the administrators.
After the announcement of an abuse, the moderators and the administrators will try, as long as possible, to react for the shortest possible deadline to stop it. In case of obvious and grave abuse striking a blow at the site (extensive publication, spam, facts against the law), the author can be, without advance notice, banished from the site as long as he will not have given a credible explanation for his actions.


A message posted in the forums can be deleted at any time by its author.
At the bottom of each message is an icon for this purpose (Edit / Delet).
The moderators also have the possibility to do so if they consider the message not in compliance with rules expressed above.


The posted messages are under the responsibility of their authors who remain owners of their publications and Site representatives decline any responsibility in the contents of these messages.

The authors agree to assume all their responsibilities and the consequences thereof.


Site managers are required by law to keep the data allowing the identification of the author of a message, this information will thus be preserved by the server. Data include the date and time of the publication of the message and the IP address and name of the author (if member) of the message.
In case of clear infringement committed through a Message not censored by the moderators, webmaster Site will be required to provide such information to judicial or administrative authorities upon request.


Messages posted in the site may be referenced and indexed by some search engines. It is therefore possible that the engines proceed to a filing of these to facilitate the searches in their respective databases.
When a moderated message is erased by the site, it may still remain some time in the cache of a search engine without that the administrators or the moderators of the site can purge it.
The persons in charge of the site decline also any responsibility there because they did what's necessary, at their level, to eradicate this message of the Internet network.


According to the chapter V of the law " Computing and Liberties " of January 6th, 1978, you have a right to access your personal information, which you can modify through the page " Your Account " by clicking on your username at the top of each page.
If you wish to unsubscribe, you can contact the webmasters by e-mail, who will make it as soon as possible.
The site has been declared to the CNIL.

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