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Apart from the clauses of the website Chart which you should have read, here are some recommendations to make this forum a nice and cosy place for everyone :)

As in most forums, we ask you to be courteous, gentle and… patient: the person who might help you may not have the same time schedule as you.
And a :thanks: to the one who helped you is always a nice gesture.

We speak a few foreign languages, but not texting gibberish. For those who make the effort of writing correctly, typos and spelling errors will be generously forgiven…
But we reserve the right not to answer cabalistic messages which are acceptable only on mobile phones. :nan:

Take care to ask questions in the appropriate subforum: for instance, if you’re lost near the Dwarves house, don’t post in the “House World” :no: , but do it in the “Dwarves World” :yes: .

Your current problem may have had already an answer, or even ten… Do a little search before posting your question, it may save you a lot of time. ;)

Once you’ve had an answer, you should make progress in the game. If you’re stuck again afterwards, don’t post in your previous message! Do another search, or post as a “new topic”.
On the other hand, if you’ve had no answer within 24 hours, no need to raise a new topic for the same question, we’d soon lose track of where you are… Just do a little “up” on your original question (by replying to yourself, for instance), so as to freshen it up.

But MOST, MOST OF ALL, never give a straight fully detailed solution on the forum! We will be implacable, and will remove your message.
The forum is dedicated to hints, not to full solutions. :nuage:
It’s up to you to use your imagination, to find the small detail which will help without revealing everything, just the little boost which will make the player exclaim with rapture: “EUREKA!” :G
I know what you’re going to say: “And what if I don’t get the hint?” Well, we’ll find another, and then another if necessary. We will all gain by being inventive and clever, because here, on this forum, we have suppressed any personal messaging functionalities, to keep the forum a communal place for full exchanges.

This game took us a long time to create. So, don’t be greedy and try to gobble it up in one hour… Savour it, enjoy it, there’s no rush and nothing to win by being the first to finish it. :nanere:
Or be patient… Before Valentine Day, we will publish a beautiful gradual walkthrough. It’s already simmering in the pot… :reverence:

Well, that’s all. Nothing new, as you can see. :ange:

Oops! One last thing: if you’re a simple Visitor, you’re welcome to browse through the website and the forum.
But if you want to post a question, an answer, a comment, you will have to register as a Member.
Registration is free, of course, and it’s natural to introduce yourself before engaging into a conversation, don’t you think? ;)

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Heures au format UTC [ Heure d’été ]

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